Flader Chartered Professional Accountant



Corporate Income Tax, Financial Statements​

Knowledgeable on up to the minute accounting, corporate tax regulations, and organizational structure, Flader services people who are passionate about their business and their future, whether the goal is to acquire or sell, or simply tweak existing organizational structure.


Personal Income Tax, Tax Planning, Retirement Planning

Serving individuals with often complex tax portfolios, Flader CPA services the issues of personal tax and tax planning, and assists with non-resident disposals. Providing comfort by simplifying tax expectations in a complex world is achieved by Flader’s sincere interest in their clients.


Estate Income Tax, Estate Accounting

In what can be an overwhelming task, Richard Flader can assist with accounts, tax returns, clearance certificates, and collaboration with lawyers to provide ease.

  • Brings over 30 years of experience to the table.
  • Excels in sorting out complications.
  • Friendly and non-intimidating.